Optimal Growth

Optimizing Growth


Bare root perennials typically are significantly larger than those grown in plug form. 

Bare root perennials can usually be finished in less time than those started from plugs, with production times being an estimated 25 to 30 percent faster. This benefits large growers by giving them the ability to turn their production space faster, which could result in increased sales revenue over time.

With their larger size, the plants have more vigor and quickly develop more shoots or branches than smaller sized plugs. 

Bare root plants can more quickly acclimate to new soil conditions when planted and get a vigorous head start on growing.

Because they have better branching, it generally is not necessary to pinch perennials grown from bare root, resulting in labor savings and reduced overall production time.

The roots are placed directly in contact with native soil upon planting and that means the plant can start building a strong root system right away before they have to deal with producing leaves and flowers.

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